My First Contest!

So it’s been almost a month since I’ve started my blog, and can’t believe I’ve had almost a thousand (!) hits until now!  As great as that it, I only have 2 subscribers!  It only takes a second to subscribe, and I only update my blog about 3 times a day on average, so you won’t be bombarded with email, I promise!

I’ve decided to have my first contest, rewarding those loyal readers of my blog.  The rules are simple: the 50th subscriber to my blog gets any Blu Ray or DVD box set of their choosing from my massive collection.  I have stuff ranging from True Blood on Blu Ray to The Office on DVD.

I will keep you updated on who the 50th subscriber is!

UPDATE: I’ve changed the rules slightly.  Once my blog reaches the 50th subscriber, I will randomly choose one person from that list, as it’s only fair.  Thanks once again!  Any comments on how to improve the blog will be appreciated!


10 thoughts on “My First Contest!

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