Why Glee Fans Are Morons

This is somewhat of a rant, so be prepared.

I don’t mind the actual show itself.  It’s witty, smart, and most of the cast and guest stars are pretty hot.  The writing is top notch, and the musical element is refreshing and unique.  While I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore fan, when it’s on TV and nothing else is on, I tune in on occasion.

What really bothers me are the fans of Glee.  They think the show is gods gift to the world and nothing else can compare to it.  They have a mini-orgasm every time someone talks about it and brag how it’s the best show ever made (trust me, it’s not).  But if you ask them who created the show, they look at you with a clueless and dumbfounded face.  They know nothing about what goes on behind the scenes or who is involved in creating the show.

Ryan Murphy is the creator, writer, and director behind Glee for those clueless minds who don’t know anything else besides the songs involved.  Heard of a show called Nip/Tuck?  Guess what?  Yeah, he was the one behind that masterpiece as well.  I bet you acne-infested ‘Gleeks’ didn’t know about that, either.

Nip/Tuck is and always will be one of my favourite shows of all time, and you can thank Ryan Murphy and his brain for that.  The writing.  The acting.  The actors involved.  The storylines.  Everything about the show oozed sex, drugs, and awesomeness.  Way more than the majority of ‘Gleeks’ can handle.  And most of the diehard Glee fans didn’t even know that Ryan Murphy brought along his entire crew from Nip/Tuck while the show was still on the air.  Nip/Tuck had to go on a year-long hiatus because Ryan Murphy wanted to put all his effort into Glee.  So, you nerds that live and die by Glee can thank Nip/Tuck for your show and its success.

Another show that falls into this same category is True Blood.  Oh god, I won’t even get into the fans that love this show.  True Blood is a much better show than Glee.  I actually love True Blood.  It’s the fans once again that I can’t stand.  They think that it’s the best show in the world, but know absolutely nothing about the creators or writers or whatnot.

Alan Ball is the creator, writer, and (sometimes) director of True Blood.  And guess what other little show he was involved in creating?  Six Feet Under. But I guess vampires are cooler than character development in a funeral home.  Sigh, this generation of “Gleeks” and “Twihards” makes me want to vomit.


One thought on “Why Glee Fans Are Morons

  1. Agreed, Glee fans drive me wild. The show itself – meh – but the fans are the real annoyance. And once again, agreed on the Nip Tuck opinion.

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