Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: An Extensive Review

Disclaimer:  Yes, besides the misleading title, Lush sells products other than cosmetics!

For those who are still uncertain as to what to get their loved ones or friends for Christmas, look no further.  Get them something – anything – from Lush.  I always knew Lush existed, but never really went into any of their stores or purchased anything from them until my sister told me about Lush.  My sister has to use all natural products, with no harsh chemicals or additives or crap like that, so she started to use Lush products.  She came home with a sample of one of their shower jellies and soaps, and I’ve been hooked since.

This post is to let you know which products I’ve used, and which ones I highly recommend.


[Taken from the Lush webpage]

This delightful conditioning body cleanser makes your skin feel clean and silky. Astringent and toning lemon and lime rouse you for a new day. Softening cocoa and coconut butters make you smooth and soft for a night in a cocoon of satin sheets. With Lemslip, your bath or shower becomes an extravagant pleasure. What a lovely way to start or end the day!

Easily the best hand soap and facial cleanser I’ve used in my entire life.  Every morning and night, when I wash my face, this is the one and only soap I will ever use – ever.  It’s very light and not harsh or super strong, and is surprisingly refreshing.  I have oily skin, and hours after I’ve used Lemslip, my skin doesn’t get oily (compared to other soaps I’ve used, which makes my skin oily minutes after using it).  The scent of Lemslip is amazing, and citrus lovers will be in for a treat.  A must buy.  $7.95 for 100g.



We add sand as an exfoliator in our Sandstone soap. Using sand as a scrub brings back memories of happy summer holidays.

Litsea cubeba

Litsea cubeba oil is extracted from the small pepper-like fruits of the May Chang tree by steam distillation. It has a lemony aroma and is used as an antiseptic.

Wow.  My first experience shopping at a Lush store was nothing short of unforgettable.  The saleslady was extremely helpful, aiding me along the process of making me find exactly what I needed.  She ended up helping me for over an hour, and demonstrated some of the bubble bombs (we’ll get to that later) and even gave me a ton of samples to try out to see if I liked them.

I told her I don’t like girly shower soaps that smell like flowers and roses and such.  I needed something rough on the skin that would exfoliate me all over, that wouldn’t require a loofah.  She immediately lit up and pointed me to Sandstone.  She even let me try it in the store to see if I liked it.  I fell in love – with the soap, not the saleslady.  The smell was citrusy, which I like, and the texture was amazing, considering there is actual sand in the soap.  And not those gimpy body scrubs that come in the bottles (Dove, Zest, etc.).  Actual big chunks of sand that feels very refreshing on the skin (as strange as that sounds).  One word of caution though: if you have sensitive skin, avoid this product at all costs, as I can’t imagine what the end result would be.  It is extremely rough (which I like), so make sure you test it out in the store before purchasing.  $6.95 for 100g.



We use rosemary to purify scalps in combination with nettle and tea tree. These herbs are incredibly effective when your hair is stressed out.

Dandruff-busting rosemary.

Beat flakiness and purify skin with rosemary, nettle and peppermint. Your hair is immediately transformed by the antibacterial tea tree. It really goes back to the basics of effective hair care.

Everything in balance.

This environmental wonder uses soothing rose, chamomile and vanilla to calm and balance out those powerful herbs.

Easily the best shampoo I’ve used in my entire life.  It’s a shampoo bar, which is basically shampoo sans water (which is what you are paying for when you buy Dove, Zest, etc – just water and fancy packaging).  You get it wet in the shower and lather it in your hair.  The aroma, the texture, the way it feels in your hair after you shower – everything about it is fantastic.  And the saleslady told me it will easily last a good month with daily showering.  Sounds good to me, considering I shower on a daily basis, even twice a day sometimes.  $9.95 for 55g (a full shampoo bar).


Magnesium carbonate

Magnesium carbonate is a solid, white mineral, and frequently occurs in nature mixed with calcite, forming dolomite or dolomitic limestone deposits. It acts as a perfume carrier in T’Eo.

Juniper berry, tea tree, lemon

Juniper berry, tea tree and lemon essential oils help to combat bacteria and microbes.

Once again, easily the best deodorant I’ve used in my life.  It goes on as a powder rather than a solid.  I can not stand solid deodorants anymore.  That white streak on black clothes – regardless of what the advertising and  fancy packaging says – drives me absolutely insane.  I’ve even gone so far one time to completely ditch deodorant and use cologne instead.  This product is a godsend.  It is exactly what I was looking for in a deodorant.  It smells awesome, doesn’t leave residue on your clothes, and surprisingly lasts all day. A must buy, for guys or girls.  $7.95 for 100g.


Jojoba and castor

Vegetable oils are favourable alternatives to petroleum-derived lubricants due to their emollient property and biodegradability. Jojoba oil is light and very softening, and the castor sugar is a fine exfoliant that scrubs without being too abrasive.

For sweet and chocolatey lips.

Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. Ro created the scrubs because she feels that people don’t take enough care with their lips. These are perfect for scrubbing and moisturizing your lips before you put your lipstick on. Sweet Lips is the lip scrub for chocolate fanatics. It smells like a bar of creamy milk chocolate.

The guilt-free chocolate treat.

Vanilla extract and jojoba oil keep your lips moist, castor sugar gently exfoliates, and the rich, deep fragrance of cocoa absolute gives this an irresistible touch.

Cocoa absolute

Cocoa absolute is extracted by solvent extraction. The absolute is very thick and dark brown, and it has a rich, dark chocolate aroma. You need to melt the absolute before you can use it in a product.

Apricot kernel oil

The velvety oil is cold-pressed from the stones of apricots. They can yield 45% of their weight in this oil. It is an effective emollient for lips and skin.

The classics are the best.

Our original super-softener. We’ve been making Lip Service for almost a decade, and it is still hugely popular because it softens lips, heels, toes, cuticles and elbows. To create the best effect on the lips, you need oils, butters and water, which the inventors worked hard to perfect. Lip Service remains one of our most popular balms.

Sorts out dry lips.

It has a magical mixture of effective oils and butters, plus tangerine oil to tone. For cracked, rough lips always pay Lip Service. Once you’ve sorted yourself out, you can move on to others.


Beeswax gives a rich emollient quality to creams, which is very useful for dry skin. Deeply moisturising, it also creates a waterproof barrier on the skin.

For anyone who dreads the winter (like I do), these two provide an essential combination of exfoliating your lips, as well as keeping them moisturized.  My lips get extremely chapped, dry, cracked, and even bleeds during the harsh winters in Toronto.  The Lip Scrub blasts away dead skin in seconds, and you get an awesome tasting result (you lick your lips after you’re done), while the Lip Balm surprisingly lasts a good 40 minutes before needed to reapply it.  I’ve tried Burts Bees before, and it doesn’t hold a candle to Lush’s lip products.  $8.95 for 25g and $6.95 for 10g, respectively.

I know most of you are wondering: these products are so freakin’ expensive!  Why should I buy Lush products if I can go to Shoppers Drug Mart and get everything mentioned here for a fraction of the price!?  By all means, go ahead.  If the hygiene products you currently use work for you, then keep your current regiment.  I wasn’t happy, so I was looking for an alternative.  Hell, I’ve even tried the Zehr line from Shoppers, and let me tell you, those were some of the harshest chemicals I’ve ever put on my body before.  Go into your local Lush store, ask to try out some products, even ask for samples so you can try them out at home.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!


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