Facebook Messages Update Is Rolling Out!

Social networking addicts, rejoice!  The new and highly anticipated Facebook Messages update is now available.  You have the option to choose to upgrade, or keep the way it is, although, personally, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to update.  The upgrade features significant changes and noticeable improvements.  Here is what I’ve noticed so far:

  • You get a personalized Facebook email address.  Awesome.  Mine is now aret.mazmanyan@facebook.com, for those who are interested.
  • All your messages are connected.  Simply put, if you receive a text, email (to your Facebook address), or a simple message from one person, they are all merged into one, easy to read, threaded message.  Think of it as a major plus; you don’t have to sift through several messages just to find something one person sent you a year ago.
  • “Download Your Information”.  Bloody fantastic.  Click this button, and you have all your pictures, account information, posts, etc. all saved to one zip file on your computer. Mark Zuckerberg, kudos to you and your team for unveiling this extremely useful feature.

These are the major changes I’ve found so far.  Another thing to note: this update was already rolled out to the United States, but I live in Canada, so this is major (exciting) new for me!!

P.S. If Shawnt ends up reading this, yes, I’m well aware of our verbal contract. I will update my blog with the post (hopefully) tonight.  Please don’t kill me.


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