Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: An Extensive Review (Part 3)

Here we go again!  I have tried out many new products from Lush over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve decided to write my third review.  I think I will make this a weekly review series from this point on, where I will try several products, and share my amazing experiences them with you, my readers and followers!

Breath of God Perfume

Intensely medicinal at first, this fragrance develops throughout the day, continuously revealing new facets. It’s a thinking person’s perfume; it makes you contemplate. The melon notes add a transparent quality, which should be at odds with the smoky dry-down, but instead combine to create a wonderful olfactory experience.

Neroli, lemon, melon, jasmine, rose, vetivert, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musk.

Simon created Breath of God after a trip to Tibet. He was eager to get into the lab on his return, developing ideas that initially resulted in the creation of two fragrances; one based on the smoky scents from the Tibetan temples (Exhale), and the other inspired by the fresh clean air of the mountains (Inhale). The name was inspired by the use of incense in religious rituals.

“Wow.  This is amazing.”, were the words that came out of my mouth as soon as I tried the Breath of God solid perfume bar on my wrists and neck.  I personally prefer solid perfume bars compared to the sprays because of the texture (I’m not a very big fan of wet products if I can choose a solid version of it).  I thought the fragrance and aroma, once it settles into your skin and has a chance to be absorbed, is a light, very leafy and earthy aroma, which was fantastic.  Especially at the price point, which store manager Catherine mentioned would last approximately a month and a half, the solid perfume lineup at Lush is an affordable alternative to other expensive department store perfumes (which don’t even smell as good).  $9.95 per 12 grams (solid stick).

Therapy Massage Bar

Organic Fair Trade cocoa butter

The Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter moisturizes and gives an incredibly rich chocolate scent.

Organic neroli

Some essential oils are classed as synergistic in aromatherapy. Neroli and lavender in particular are reputed to have a strengthening effect on the elasticity of the skin.

Book yourself in for therapy.

Euphoria-inducing bar with uplifting neroli. Therapy is a wunder-bar, which we make to help your hard life get softer. It was the first therapeutic massage bar, and it remains the first certified organic. First, it moisturizes with cocoa and shea butters to make your hard skin get softer.

100% organic.

All of the essential oils and butters in Therapy are certified organic; it softens your tensions with lavender and neroli oils – neroli is the one which gives you a feeling of euphoria, especially when you have someone massaging it into your shoulders. Give Therapy a try and you’ll feel better in no time.

If you ever feel like you are exhausted, physically and mentally, you need to try the Therapy Massage Bar.  I went to a dinner yesterday at a family friends house, and explained my entire Lush experience and product knowledge to them.  After explaining the New! Shampoo Bar and the Therapy Massage Bar to them, they told me to immediately go to Lush at Markville Mall and get those products before the store closed at 6 p.m.!  After coming back to their home, I gave several people massages on the arms, hands, neck and shoulders (and their backs too, for some people!).  A majority of them started to fall asleep and some were even drooling!!  Amanda’s mom was amazed at the cocoa butter and how it penetrated through her skin, making it extremely soft and silky, yet moisturizing without feeling greasy.  She fell in love (with the massage bar, not me!).  A must buy. $8.95 per 65 grams.

Big Shampoo

More volume than you thought possible.

Tooth Wracked Seaweed

Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Tooth Wracked Seaweed infusion strengthens the hair from root to tip.

For mermaid-inspired locks.

Salt is full of minerals which maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Fresh lime Juice

The fresh lime juice in our BIG delivers instant shine and leaves your hair feeling extra clean.

This product is slightly different, only because I actually haven’t had a chance to try it out yet!  I was in the Lush store at Markville Mall yesterday, and had a chance to feel the texture of this shampoo.  It felt ridiculously amazing.  Not to mention the smell and aroma as well.  There are medium sized chunks of actual sea salt in Big Shampoo, and once my New! Shampoo Bar finishes, this is definitely one product I will be trying out! $22.95 for 330 mL.

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