BlackBerry Tips & Tricks 101

This guide is meant for anyone who has a CrackBerry – urm – BlackBerry.  It will teach you how to maximize the potential of your smartphone, and keep it running at its peak performance!

Tip 1: Clearing the Event Log

Anytime you perform any kind of action on your BlackBerry, it’s recorded in the form of an Event Log.  If you haven’t cleared this out in a while, then perhaps it’s time for you to delete it!  I run this nifty cleaning action several times a day, due to my obsessive compulsive disorder (it’s true!).  All you have to do is hold the ALT button, and while holding it, press ‘L’, ‘G’, ‘L’, and ‘G’.  Once you do that, you are brought to the Event Log screen.  Simply press the Menu button on your phone, and press Delete Log!  That simple!

Tip 2: Memory Cleaning

This is probably the most important tool for any BlackBerry user.  It should be used on a daily basis (I use it religiously).  Go into your Settings, Security Options, Advanced Security Options, then Memory Cleaning.  Press the Menu button on your phone, then simply click Clear Now.  Presto!  Your phone will be running faster and snappier as a result of this performance enhancement.  You even have the option of putting the Memory Cleaning icon on your Home Screen, which is a fantastic and convenient way of running this maintenance tool on a daily basis.

Tip 3: Restarting the BlackBerry App World

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I have to have the latest version of any App, even if it’s in Beta status.  Once you are in the BlackBerry App World home screen, simply hold ALT, and press ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘T’.  This will restart your BlackBerry App World, enabling it to have access to any available updates that are there currently.  This is especially important for those who want the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger, which always rolls out a new update every two to three weeks.  A must have tip for those who want access to the latest updates!

Tip 4: Battery Pulls = Hard Reset, Turning Your Phone Off = Soft Reset

Many BlackBerry owners make the simple mistake of just turning their phone off by holding the Power button (then turning it back on) to ‘restart’ their phone.  This is a big mistake.  Instead of performing a soft reset by holding the Power button down, simply take the battery out of your phone.  This is known as a hard reset, which clears all the RAM in your phone to a much performance-friendly state.  I do this once a night, before I go to sleep, just to get the most out of my BlackBerry in the morning!

Tip 5: Battery, Battery, Battery!

Most BlackBerry users love their battery.  But they don’t know how to use it efficiently!  Simply put, only charge your BlackBerry once it is dead. You must have a healthy battery cycle, which is the following:

  • Charge your phone overnight so it’s at 100%
  • Use it fully without ever charging it until it runs out of battery fully (meaning you can’t turn it on)
  • Charge it fully once again to reach 100%

By following these three simple steps, your battery will thank you!

Credit goes to for the main picture!


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Tips & Tricks 101

  1. Why not press “Left Alt” + “Right Shift” and “Delete” until the red light shows up? It’s also a hard reset, without the need to pull out the battery 😉

    • I did realize that you can also do that, after a friend told me the exact same thing.

      I dunno. I guess it’s just the physical feeling of taking the battery out and doing a hard reset. Call me weird, I don’t care!

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