Adele Concert – I Will Be Streaming Live!! (Air Canada Centre)

One of my very generous friends have given me the opportunity to see the one and only Adele, live in concert at the Air Canada Centre, on May 18, 2011.  I will be attending with my sister, and can not wait to see her perform songs from 19 and 21.  After seeing Adele perform on MTV Live a couple of months ago (she was two feet in front of us!), I’m curious to see if she can perform under the pressure of a stadium sized venue (compared to where it was supposed to initally be – the Kool Haus).  Due to the overwhelming demand, the event was moved to the Air Canada Centre from the Kool Haus, which was an extremely wise decision made on the part of the booking manager.

As usual, I will be streaming the concert live using the Qik app on my Android device, the same way I did at the Brandon Flowers concert last December!  Please visit my Qik page on the 18th of May to watch the Adele concert as it unfolds!


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