LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: ‘Favourites’ Edition!!

I’ve been employed at LUSH for just under a year now (..I’m loving every single minute of it!!), and while I’ve tried almost every single product out there, there are quite a few that stood out to me. Without any further delay, here are my “desert island” LUSH products!



(According to the LUSH website)

Almond Oil

Almond oil is unscented and excellent for the skin. It is emollient, demulcent and nutritious with a high vitamin E content. It is smooth to apply and leaves a silky feel to the skin.

Bland and non-irritating.

Ultrabland is a huge cult product. With a new almond oil base, this cream cleanser takes off make-up and cares for your face. It’s gentle, but the deeply-cleansing oils reach down and remove stubborn dirt and makeup. Helen has used it every day for 13 years and has never looked back.

20% rose water

Rose water, beeswax and honey are calming and softening. Cleanse each night, then remove with a warm cloth and your skin will feel soft and smooth without any scrubbing at all. It’s Ultrabland and ultra effective.


Beeswax gives a rich emollient quality to creams, which is very useful for dry skin. Deeply moisturizing, it also creates a waterproof barrier and lifts dirt.

There is a reason why Ultrabland is a cult favourite, according to the in-store placard. I had the honour to attend the Skincare training a couple of months ago (our trainer was the one and only, Meghan Campbell!), and I learned a lot. One product that we got to use at the training session was Ultrabland, and it was a first for me. It doubles up as not only a facial cleanser, but a make-up remover as well (not applicable to myself!).

The name itself speaks volumes – Ultrabland. It’s just that. Very few ingredients. But those ingredients are powerhouses. Honey, sweet almond oil, and beeswax just to name a few. After using Ultrabland for about a week, washing my face with it every single night, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. It is extremely smooth and soft, and leaves behind a very refreshing and gentle scent. I use it every evening, and sometimes just splash my face with water (rather than rinsing it off completely), so the essential oils soak into my skin overnight. A must have.

$29.95 for 100g, $15.95 for 45g



Bentonite gel

When applied, bentonite cleans the pores deeply and tightens at the same time.

Seriously minty body mask.

Mask of Magnaminty was worked on for years before it was settled on. Our inventors have been almost obsessive in their quest to invent the ultimate face mask. The formulation had to be just right in MoM to ensure that it was intense, but not harsh.

Makes dirt a distant memory.

China clay and bentonite gel will pull the dirt from your pores, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate surface skin cells, and peppermint oil will make you feel so fresh and minty that you’ll forget you were ever grubby.

Ground aduki beans and mint

Ground aduki beans remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed.

If I had to choose just one face mask from LUSH, this would be the one. If you ever open up a jar of Mask of Magnaminty, you get blasted with loads of peppermint, aduki beans and honey! LUSH uses honey in a lot of their products, simply because it is a natural preservative, and not only smells fantastic, but the effects on your skin are remarkable.

This mask can be used not only on your face, but on your body as well, in case you are unfortunate enough to have ‘back-ney’. And don’t let the scent deceive you. While it smells intense and powerful, it is gentle enough to use on all skin types. The ground-up aduki beans help to gently exfoliate to remove excess debris and grime, while the bentonite gel sucks up all the gunk from your pores. One of my favourite things about the Mask of Magnaminty is the feeling you get after you leave it on for about 10 minutes. You start to feel your face tingle and it gets cool – one sign that it is definitely working! After rinsing the mask off, you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world! Another desert island must have.

$22.95 for 315g, $11.95 for 125g.



Tooth Wracked Seaweed

Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Tooth Wracked Seaweed infusion strengthens the hair from root to tip.

For mermaid-inspired locks.

Salt is full of minerals which maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Fresh lime Juice

The fresh lime juice in our BIG delivers instant shine and leaves your hair feeling extra clean.

One of the first things you notice when you open up a pot of Big is the scent – coconut, lime juice, and sea salt. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Big has one of my favourite scents that LUSH has ever come up with. But enough with the smell.

When you first touch big, you automatically think, “This is shampoo?!”. Yes, it is! If you have dull, limp, life-less hair, or hair that is falling out (me!), this is the definitive shampoo for you. The huge chunks of sea salt help to remove dead skin from your scalp, promoting hair regrowth and stimulating your scalp at the same time. The seaweed, lime juice, and coconut combined ensure each strand is pumped up with vitamins and minerals, leaving your hair volumous, shiny, and BIG!

“Buy this shampoo – change your life!” – on the Big placard in-store. It definitely helped to change mine!

$24.95 for 330mL


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