LUSH Retro Contest #2!

It’s that time again!!! What a better way to celebrate the end of dreary April than having another contest!

Fran and I had placed a LUSH Retro order this week, and I got a tad bit carried away (yet again!).

So, in honour of getting carried away, I’m going to give away my Retro haul!!

The rules are dead simple. Once LUSH Markville’s Facebook Page reaches 750 ‘Likes’ (currently, it’s at 564), I’m going to randomly pick a comment either on the LUSH Markville Page or here as to which is your favourite LUSH product and why.

The contest is open to anyone. Yes, even someone in the United States (or even worldwide!) can win all of this awesome Retro stuff. The retail value of these goodies is $99.65. Good luck to everyone!! 😀

(The contents of the prize are as follows: Hot Java Bath Bomb, Absolute Delight Bath Bomb, Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar, Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar, Psychodelic Bubble Bar, Rainbow Worrier Bath Bomb, Uluru Bath Bomb, Hot Milk Bubble Bar, Something Wicked This Way Comes Bath Melt, Silver Cloud Bath Bomb, Nutts Massage Bar, Bathos Bubble Bar, Limited Edition Exclusive Mini-Perfume Set)


36 thoughts on “LUSH Retro Contest #2!

  1. My favorite product of LUSH is the “You Snap The Whip” which is a body butter. When people first see it at my house they go “what the heck is that?” because it looks like a bar of charcoal, quite frankly! However it is really a great product and does wonders for the skin. You Snap The Whip is a great exfoliater body butter and really makes me skin feel great after using it.

  2. I love any/all of the massage bars. Mmm, I just love the way they heat up in your hands and smell soo delicious. They’re great for going-to-bed lotion on your hands, or for massaging with a partner 😉

  3. My favourites are the bath bombs, and my most favourite is the Absolute delight rose coloured with the petals…mmmmmm….heavenly. Love the smell and feel of it. If i had that kind of time, i would never leave the bath tub and keep an endless supply of it next to me :)) Everytime I use it, my husband tells me, you look satisfied enough for the two of us…lol.

  4. I love the strawberry massage bars, I love the way they leave you smelling so delicious and feeling so soft. 🙂

  5. I love all the bath bombs– they remind me of when I was a kid and I would get some in my Xmas stocking! They smell sooo gooood.

  6. I love every single one of the lush products! Ocean salt, curly wirly, and raining men are my favourite! Sorry cant pick between the three 😉 Ocean salt does wonders for my skin! Curly wurly makes my hair feel SENSATIONAL and I dont even have to use any other products on it after I use that shampoo! Last but NOT least, raining man is terrific! Love the way my skin feels and smells after I use it!

  7. my fave LUSH product is SNOW FAIRY! always will be. i always hit up all the nearest LUSH stores on boxing day to get my hands on as many bottles of snow fairy as possible, so that i’ll have it all year ’round!

  8. …. I need to win because my 4 year old is now addicted to Lush products and my husband is going to go broke supporting our habit! If i could post a photo of the remaining pathethic teeny crumbs of our Hottie Bar, I would. We are in desperate need of fresh supplies! ;o)

  9. I love the massage bars, and the hair shampoo bars, but for this contest I would have to say that I want to try the Something Wicked This Way Comes Bath Melt…just so when my husband asks me what it is, I can put on my best Witchie-Poo Voice and tell him…hehehe PS: You are at 700 likes on Facebook, congrats!

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