Ease your Eczema: Putty For Your Hands, Superbalm, and Dream Cream

Ever since I worked at LUSH, I’ve fallen in love with Dream Cream and Putty For Your Hands (Superbalm was introduced just right after I left LUSH). Anyone who has the unfortunate pleasure of enduring eczema on your hands, arms, and/or legs knows just how uncomfortable and painful it really is. I’ve vowed to never use any dermatologist recommended products, mainly because I avoid chemicals on my body at all costs.

The dream team of Putty For Your Hands, Superbalm, and Dream Cream is a savior to anyone riddled with eczema. It has literally transformed the eczema on my hands from an extremely painful, itchy, and at most times, fire-like feeling, to a manageable condition. I no longer have those painful, fire-like flareups, although my fingers still looks slightly scaly. I don’t care about the way my hands look – I’d take them looking scaly any day compared to those itchy flareups!

There is a daily, three-step process that I use for ridding my hands once and for all of eczema. First, I use Putty For Your Hands whenever I wash my hands. I must warn that it is not a soap – there are no cleansing agents (except for just the Tea Tree) in this product, so be sure to use your favourite soap before hand (Noubar for me!). What is inside of this product is nothing short of amazing. The combination of marshmallow mucilage (also known as marshmallow root), lavender, tea tree and chamomile work in unison to get deep down in the cracks of your eczema, not only soothing your hands, but also effectively repairing them over time. You are not only relieved of the itch, but also have an incredibly soft set of hands and fingers that you’re probably not used to!

Throughout the day, I rub a very little amount of Dream Cream on my hands, especially in the cracks on my fingers. I find Dream Cream to be incredibly greasy, which is why I use a light amount. The ingredients are very similar to Putty For Your Hands (lavender, chamomile, tea tree), but the main distinguishing ingredient is the oat milk. Oat milk has been used for centuries to calm and soothe sensitive and problematic skin, and it’s no coincidence that Dream Cream is a staple in any LUSHies stash. When I worked at LUSH, I’ve actually had customers come back crying to me saying how this is the only product that has ever worked for them, and I believe it.

Finally, we have Superbalm. Superbalm is marketed as a scalp treatment, but when the Sales Associate at LUSH Upper Canada Mall told me that you can also use it for eczema on your hands, I was sold. The active ingredient is salicylic acid, which is naturally derived from plants and vegetables. Salicylic acid gently eats away and sloughs off any dead skin you have on the affected area, and also repairs and soothes the problem right at the core. I leave a generous amount of Superbalm all over the afflicted area and leave it on overnight (you can wear your moisture absorbing gloves if you want your bed sheets to remain clean). And the smell – my GOD, the smell. Call me weird, but it smells like candy. I can’t stop smelling my hands after I’ve put Superbalm on.

That’s what I love about this trio – they don’t mask the problem temporarily. They work together, getting at the root of the problem and attacking it head on, rather than just bandage it. A must have combination for anyone afflicted by eczema.



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