Prihtee Paintz – A Review


I first discovered Prihtee Paintz during endless hours of searching for an all natural alternative to nail polish (for my sister, duh!), as she was in pursuit of using polishes that would separate her from the crowd. If you’re interested in polishes with names like Chocolate Salty Balls, then you must continue to read…

According to their website,

prihtee paintz started in 2012 when an addiction to nail polish needed to progress to the next level.

Being able to create and sell our own line of independent polishes is a dream come true!

Nothing but the finest foundations and glitters are used in order to ensure that what you are buying will last you from your first to your very last manicure!

All polishes are “4 Free” and cruelty free.  That means no toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, or formaldehyde.  All bottles have a stainless steel mixing ball.

prihtee paintz prides itself on great customer service, fast shipping, and great prices! We want you to be a happy customer for life!


Unfortunately, I do not wear nail polish. My sister is probably one of the only people (other than the founder of Prihtee Paintz) who is obsessed and extremely passionate about their nails. She gets her manicure done on a weekly basis, and avoids places that use harsh chemicals and acrylics. When I showed her the four colours of polishes from Prihtee Paintz, she was ecstatic, and looked like she had opened a huge gift on Christmas Day.

The four colours that were chosen for my sister are Chocolate Salty Balls, Gothy Gothy Gumdrops, Miami Vice, and Gangrenous. Here are the respective descriptions of each polish (each retail for $10.50 for a 0.5 oz bottle).

Chocolate Salty Balls – Mmmm who doesn’t love chocolate! So creamy, so yummy. This gorgeous milk chocolate brown holo shines on your nails!

Gothy Gothy Gumdrops – Like those fresh, sweet, chewy candies with the tart black liquorice flavoured gumdrops mixed in, this glitter polish will have you feeling dark, mysterious and maybe a bit macabre! Hexes and Squares in matte black, purple, teal, and holographic silver, fuschia, and aqua glitters.

Miami Vice – Calling to mind that extremely popular show of the 80’s, this glitter polish combines pretty tropical-like colours such as bright pink hex, turquoise squares, and pure white “snow” hex glitters. Turn up the heat, and go sock-less like Don Johnson when wearing this ;).

Gangrenous – Made in mind for my Nurse friend, this rusted old bloody looking top coat may look golden-orange, but when layered over black is when it truly shines! Like gangrene itself, this polish flashes many shades of green, deep orange, deep pink, and sometimes even purple! (Pssstt It’s also quite pretty and subtle when applied over nothing but your favourite base coat).


What immediately strikes me about Prihtee Paintz (and the owner) is the names and looks of the polishes. Susan doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to the names and especially the way the polishes look! My sister applied Gothy Gothy Gumdrops on her ring fingers and was blown away at the quality of the polish itself. I tend to get drawn to anything psychedelic, so it was no surprise that this was my favourite polish to see on someone.

Another quality which sets Prihtee Paintz apart from the other nail polish brands is the care, time, and detail given to each bottle. They are all handmade, and this is noticeable when wearing them. According to my sister, they didn’t peel or chip off during a normal day of typing on the computer or working out at the gym. The quality and care is obvious, and the pricing is just right, considering the amount of detail and passion that has gone into each and every bottle.

The bottom line is this – if you’re looking for something to set yourself apart from the crowd and want a brand that prides itself on quality and passion, then Prihtee Paintz is the one for you.

You can visit their website here, or like their Facebook Page by clicking here.



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