The Gold Motorola Xoom – Which I Just Won!!

It’s official.  Today is the single best day of my entire life.  The only other event I could think of that could even match this is when I graduated the University of Toronto.

I previously entered the Gold Motorola Xoom contest on Twitter, and they chose me for the winner!!  I can’t believe that this is happening to me!!  The Gold Motorola Xoom is the only one that is available in Canada, and the only way you could get one is by attending this years Oscars!!!

I still can’t believe all of this is happening! First I appear in the Globe & Mail, and now I won an exclusive Gold Motorola Xoom!!  Thank you so much Motorola Canada!!

The “limited edition” Oscar Xoom is identical to the retail Xoom with one important difference: the normally gray-colored back of the device has been replaced with a more lustrous gold finish. It also comes with a leather envelope.

Not every Oscar winner gets one of the luxe Xooms, though. Only hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway and the nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director will be able to watch their movies on a golden Xoom.

The Xoom, which made PCMag’s Best of CES 2011 list earlier this year, goes on sale Feb. 24 for $600 with a two-year contract or $800 without one. It’s the first tablet to be released running Google’s tablet-specific operating system, Android 3.0 “Honeycomb.”


My Third Contest! Win a BlackBerry Curve 8330!!

Is everyone ready for my third contest?  I don’t know why, but I get very excited to give away free stuff!!

This time, I am upping the ante.  I will be giving a free Telus BlackBerry Curve 8330 to the winner of this contest!

The rules are simple.  Once I hit 150 subscribers on this blog, or 350 Twitter followers, I will randomly draw one winner.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!

The Winner of My Second Contest Is…

Well, that was extremely fast!

This morning I checked my Twitter and am currently at 110 followers!!

So, the winner, chosen completely at random is…

Jackie Sampson (a.k.a. @carsmummy on Twitter)!!  Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your smartphone!!

Aside from that, do you guys have any suggestions on my blog on how to improve it?  Much appreciated!

My Second Contest! Subscribe to Win!

After the massive success of my first contest, I’ve decided to hold another one!  And guess what…the winner gets a pretty cool prize.

When my blog reaches its 100th subscriber or once I reach 100 followers on Twitter (@salamahoy), I will randomly choose one of them, and the winner will receive an INQ Chat 3G Smartphone!  It retails for over $100, so I think it’s pretty damn cool just for subscribing to my blog!

And The Winner of My Contest Is…


Today, I reached my 50th subscriber, and the person randomly chosen to receive Fallout: New Vegas or a Blu Ray is Bidchka!  Thanks to all of those who subscribed!  I hope you enjoy the content.  And I would definitely do a contest like this again.  (Call of Duty: Black Ops anyone?)