Why D.C. Comics Kicks Marvel’s Ass. Every. Single. Time.

Please watch the video below, and if you still think that the Avengers are better than the Justice League, you have issues.


Thor – Official Trailer #2!

Wow.  Forget everything I said about Thor looking too childish and cartoon-y.  If this trailer is any indication of what the actual film is going to be like, be prepared to be blown away.

Check out the brand spanking new trailer for Thor by clicking HERE or watching down below!

Green Lantern Pre-Preview!!!

I’m not too impressed by the way the new Captain America movie is headed.  From the sets to the costume design, everything seems so ‘meh’.

But here we have a sneak peek, 30 droolworthy seconds, of the new Green Lantern movie, which comes out next year.  Holy crap, this movie looks fantastic.  Miles ahead of what Captain America is showing so far.  Check it out below!!