The 2011 Grammy Awards. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

What an exhilerating night.  The Grammy Awards are over, and it was one of the most memorable award shows since I’ve started watching them and the Oscars.

Let’s start out with the pre-show.  The only thing I could remember was two things: Drake bringing his mother as his date to the Grammy’s (cute!) and the abomination that was known as The Egg.  Yes, Lady Gaga hyped up her entrance to the Grammy’s in a freaking egg/pod/whateveryouwannacallit.  To make things even more embarassing and awkward, she had a ‘supermodel’ (in quotes because she resembled nothing like one) explain to Ryan Seacrest that “Lady Gaga is in a state of incubation, and will be born again once she is ready to perform”.  Barf.  I honestly can’t see what people find remotely talented or fascinating about her, as she is considered to be a joke by people who know real music.  Anywho, let’s continue on to things more interesting.

The actual Grammy’s started out with a spine-tingling tribute to Aretha Franklin, as performed by Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch, Martina McBride, Jennifer Hudson, and Yolanda Adams.  Man, what a performance that was.  It was nothing short of incredible, and you can tell that each one of these divas is incredibly outstanding and deserve to be up on that stage, paying a tribute to soul’s greatest singer.  Congrats, ladies.

Another memorable performance was Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You.  It was a hot mess, but in a good way!!  Decked out in an iron plate around his chest, with a peacock costume that you had to see for your own eyes, he started belting out his song that everyone now appreciates – and it’s fitting that today is Valentine’s Day!  He was surrounded by psychadelic Muppets who were endearing, and then lo and behold, Gwenyth Paltrow came in to join Cee Lo for an outstanding performance.  Bravo, Cee Lo, Gwenyth, and Muppets.

The moment everyone was waiting for – Album of the Year.  Up until this point, I had literally no nails left as I chewed them all off.  This is what I waited almost 2.5 hours for.  In this category, we had Eminem, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Lady Antebellum.  Anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with Arcade Fire – they are my favourite group of all time.  When their name was announced, the first thing I did was jump up and down, screaming “S*CK IT GAGA!” (if you can’t tell, I despise her and her fans).  It was such a thrill to see Arcade Fire get the recognition they deserve, as they are extremely talented and underrated. 

Congratulations to everyone that won, and we’ll see you next year!!

[A list to the complete winners for the 2011 Grammys – click here!]


Why P!nk is the Most Relevant Artist of Our Generation

Many musicians come and they go.  One hit wonders, pop princesses, and rappers.  One artist that continues to grow, both emotionally and lyrically, is P!nk.  She has had not only massive hits on the radio and has the title of two-time Grammy Award winner, but she’s been in the business for over 10 years, which is a difficult feat to achieve by today’s standards.

What makes P!nk different than other musicians is her uniqueness.  She has worked with megastars and continues to pump out meaningful songs that not only sound good, but deliver an uplifting and heartfelt message.  Take Dear Mr. President, for example.  It has such raw emotion and lyrics to it, that you can’t help but to shed a tear while listening to it. “How do you sleep while the rest of us cry? How do you dream, when a mother has no chance to say goodbye?  How do you walk with your head held high? Can you even look me in the eye?”

Then listen to a song like Fuckin’ Perfect.  An upbeat, contemporary track, which makes you feel good.  But then you listen to the lyrics and chuckle because the track is upbeat, but the lyrics convey a much different message.  And the video is not only disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, but it’s gutwrenching meaning behind it leaves you applaud P!nk for not fitting the generic Hollywood mould.  And then she goes and makes a track with Eminem, which is wicked cool.  Bloody awesome.

Kudos, P!nk.  Thank you for inspiring a generation of change and to just be yourself.

Nicki Minaj – Roman’s Revenge (feat. Eminem)

This.  Is.  Sick.

My future wifes debut album, Pink Friday, was released two days ago on November 19, 2010, and it is FANTASTIC.  Nicki Minaj is signed to the Young Money label, and it features Lil Wayne and Drake, along with many others.  Pink Friday is an excellent album, and I can tell you, it’s going to be on repeat on my playlist for many weeks.  Check out Roman’s Revenge, which features Eminem, below!