Since When Was Freedom of Speech a Way For You to Get Banned?

So here I am, at work, perusing the forums.  I noticed that someone posted an item up for sale for an “iPhone 4 Brand New in Box Factory Unlocked 32GB”.  The part that caught my eye was the price.  He/she was listing it for $860. 

After I laughed for a good 30 minutes, I decided to comment on this ridiculous price and post.  I replied, verbatim:

Are you for real?  You really think you’re going to sell your phone at this price?  It is literally the same price if you buy it from Apple, with Free Shipping as well.  Good luck with your sale.  This is the price that some people pay for rent in a month.  Disgusting.

This reply resulting in myself getting banned for three days, simply because I was (what the moderators call) threadcrapping.  I honestly couldn’t care less, but moderators should worry more about the content of other people’s post instead of me pointing out the obvious to one greedy person.  Epic fail.


Escalator Fail –

Call me evil.  Call me an a-hole.  Call me whatever for posting this.  But if you don’t laugh after watching this, then there is something really wrong with you.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…Sigh…

RIM is really starting to piss me off. released an update (albeit leaked, go figure) to their core OS, BlackBerry 6, for their revered Bold 9700 after loyal fans waited months and months to check out the new OS.  Most people ditched their 9700’s and went with their new flagship device, the BlackBerry Torch 9800.  If you are planning on getting a Torch, DON’T!

Roger’s just updated their website, where people will find that the price of the Torch has increased, NOT decreased.  Ugh.  Seriously?  I mean, it’s not even a super-powered device like the iPhone 4 or recent Android additions.  The iPhone 4 beats the Torch in every single specification, yet a 16Gb iPhone 4 goes for $159.99 on a three year contract. There is just no logic for this price increase.  The Torch was supposed to be a deliberate competitor to the iPhone, yet they pull off a stunt like this??  It just boggles my mind.

I cannot wait to ditch my Torch and sink my teeth into webOS and the Palm Pre 2.  My prediction for RIM to go under?  2011 if they continue down this path.

[via MobileSyrup]

UPDATE: I’ve had to do a hard restart 4 times today, due to apps freezing.  For a smartphone in today’s market, this is just unacceptable.