And the Winner of My Third Contest Is…..

After a grueling wait of three weeks, I have finally reached 150 subscribers to my blog.  And the winner of my third contest, who is going to receive a BlackBerry Curve, is…….

***********drumroll please *************

Melissa Rideough!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Melissa!  Please email me at so I can gather your details!  Thanks to everyone who entered. 

And don’t worry for those of you who haven’t won.  There is another contest coming up this Saturday, and it is very exciting and amazing.  Let’s just say, the winner will be taking a lot more baths and showers. 😀


Facebook Messages Update Is Rolling Out!

Social networking addicts, rejoice!  The new and highly anticipated Facebook Messages update is now available.  You have the option to choose to upgrade, or keep the way it is, although, personally, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to update.  The upgrade features significant changes and noticeable improvements.  Here is what I’ve noticed so far:

  • You get a personalized Facebook email address.  Awesome.  Mine is now, for those who are interested.
  • All your messages are connected.  Simply put, if you receive a text, email (to your Facebook address), or a simple message from one person, they are all merged into one, easy to read, threaded message.  Think of it as a major plus; you don’t have to sift through several messages just to find something one person sent you a year ago.
  • “Download Your Information”.  Bloody fantastic.  Click this button, and you have all your pictures, account information, posts, etc. all saved to one zip file on your computer. Mark Zuckerberg, kudos to you and your team for unveiling this extremely useful feature.

These are the major changes I’ve found so far.  Another thing to note: this update was already rolled out to the United States, but I live in Canada, so this is major (exciting) new for me!!

P.S. If Shawnt ends up reading this, yes, I’m well aware of our verbal contract. I will update my blog with the post (hopefully) tonight.  Please don’t kill me.

My Second Contest! Subscribe to Win!

After the massive success of my first contest, I’ve decided to hold another one!  And guess what…the winner gets a pretty cool prize.

When my blog reaches its 100th subscriber or once I reach 100 followers on Twitter (@salamahoy), I will randomly choose one of them, and the winner will receive an INQ Chat 3G Smartphone!  It retails for over $100, so I think it’s pretty damn cool just for subscribing to my blog!

And The Winner of My Contest Is…


Today, I reached my 50th subscriber, and the person randomly chosen to receive Fallout: New Vegas or a Blu Ray is Bidchka!  Thanks to all of those who subscribed!  I hope you enjoy the content.  And I would definitely do a contest like this again.  (Call of Duty: Black Ops anyone?)

Why Foursquare and Waze Are the Most Fun Social Networking Apps

For those who are massively obsessed with social networking (I’m looking at you Facebook and Twitter), there are two new fighters in the ring.  Most of you know about Foursquare, but Waze doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  Here are a description of the two.


Facebook recently released it’s ‘Places’ feature, but many elements were taken from Foursquare.  Hell, it’s icon is literally a four inside a square.  Foursquare is a social networking app which let’s you check into places.  Whether it’s the movies or a new restaurant you’re checking out, it can be linked to your Twitter to let your followers know where you are.  For example, if you check into a Toronto Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, you can see if any of your other friends are there if they use Foursquare.  In addition to that, you collect “Badges” if you check into certain places, or if certain events happen.  I was in an airport one day and I checked in and earned the “Swarm Badge”, because more than 50 people were checked into the same place.  It’s pretty cool and makes you want to check out new places, check into them, and earn more rewards.  The only downside of Foursquare is that it can be a stalker’s paradise; if you use it heavily like I do, creepers can follow you around and know exactly where you are at all times.  Bad news for bad breakups and ex-boyfriends/girlfriends (or if you’re Justin Bieber).


Waze is also an awesome social networking app only found on smartphones.  It’s essentially a free user generated turn-by-turn navigation system, and it works pretty darn well.  The one key thing that makes it different than say, Navigon or Tom-Tom apps, is you get points when you ‘run over’ certain places on the road. held a contest recently where the 25 highest ranking people between Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry won an iPad, based on how many points they could collect in a certain time period.  It is really fun and actually makes driving fun.  On my way home today, I actually went out of my way just to collect a couple extra points.  Yeah, I’m a loozer.

While people may be addicted to Facebook and Twitter, the two I explained are way more fun to use, since you actually are rewarded in some way for using their services.

[Download Foursquare and Waze here and here]

Today is National Unfriend Day!!

According to the mighty Jimmy Kimmel, today is National Unfriend Day.  Login to your Facebook account, and delete all those unwanted people who just are there, contributing nothing to your News Feed, and frankly, don’t even know how they got on your Friends list.  Here is an example of who you should unfriend, and it’s pretty hilarious:

• If you wouldn’t loan someone 50 dollars, unfriend them.
• If you wouldn’t invite them to your birthday party, unfriend them.
• If you wouldn’t cry if they got hit by a bus, unfriend them.

Oh crap.  I just read that list, and apparently I’m going to be unfriended by a lot of people, because I dress my dog up and post pictures.  It’s just so cute.  Haters gonna hate.

Jimmy Kimmel’s National Unfriend Day