HTC One revealed: the ultimate smartphone?

HTC’s newest flagship smartphone has finally been announced. I can safely say that this phone is a beast, and will most definitely be my next smartphone.

I’ve used HTC’s One X for quite a long time, and it has easily been my favourite smartphone I’ve used to date. And believe me, I’ve gone through a countless amount of smartphones over the years. So what does HTC do? They simply step up the game and make what I believe to be is a fusing of the most popular smartphones currently in the market while adding their own style and flair to their next flagship.

All the specs are in check. You have a gorgeous 4.7″, 1080p display that will be the best on the market when the device gets released in March. The processor utilized is a next-gen quad-core Snapdragon 600, which is no slouch. HTC is also claiming that their ‘UltraPixel’ camera will take unparalleled images, especially in low light situations (Nokia Lumia 920, anyone?). They’ve also included optical image stabilization, which promises clear images even to those with unsteady hands.

What I’m most excited about is the New Sense that HTC is shipping with the device. Alongside the Android Jelly Bean software, HTC will ‘skin’ their device with the latest version of Sense (5.0 to be exact). It’s a whole new take on the Sense skin, and I am really starting to love the clean lines and fresh interface of the GUI.

Sorry, Motorola RAZR HD LTE. It’s been a good run. HTC, release this phone already so you can take my monies. Thanks.


The Great Gatsby – Official Trailer #2

So I’m super psyched about seeing one of my all-time favourite books, The Great Gatsby (Fahrenheit 451 being my other), being turned in a big budget movie (unlike the Mia Farrow version). You know what would be totally amazing? If they chose Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem to be a part – any part – of the film. Everything about it oozes The Great Gatsby, especially the theme of Old Money and New Money.

If you haven’t seen the second trailer (or Del Rey’s song), check both of them out below!

Starbucks Pick of the Week: Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite – You Found Another Love (I Lost Another Friend)

Other than the ridiculously long title, here’s another free track to download, courtesy of Starbucks and iTunes. The artists are Ben Harper and Charlie Musslewhite, while the track is titled You Found Another Love (I Lost Another Friend). Please comment on which code you’ve used, since they can only be redeemed once. Enjoy!
















Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Since my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed is bombarded with all things Super Bowl related, I thought it would be fitting to post something as well. Here is a mashup of artists singing the Star Spangled Banner at various Super Bowls. Enjoy.