Rogers Xperia Play & Arc Launch Party Tomorrow!

They say good things come in three’s.  Well, in this case, consider it Rogers Wireless, Sony, and a launch party!

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Rogers Wireless exclusive, invite-only party to celebrate the launch of the latest Android-powered smartphones, the Xperia Play and Arc.  Each device serves its own purpose: the Play is for gaming, while the Arc is a pure multimedia monster.

Keep an eye out on tomorrow evening, where I will be blogging live from the event!  Thanks @RogersBuzz!


I Want These Vibram Boots. Right Now.

I don’t care what anyone thinks when I wear these.  They look extremely comfortable, and unlike the fugly UGGZ, you don’t have to kill five sheep to stay comfortable and warm.  Not only will they feel comfortable, but it also improves posture as well as endurance (they’re banned from being used in military pre-tests, because they give an unfair advantage).  Retails at $160 – already ordered!

[Thanks Gizmodo!]

Angry Birds: Negotiations Gone Terribly Wrong

For those who have a smartphone (sorry BlackBerry users – you’ll have to enjoy Brickbreaker for now), you’ve probably heard about the wildly popular Angry Birds game.  I play it on the HTC Desire, and while it’s a free download, it allows access to 50+ levels, which is more than the iPhone 4 lite version.

This video is truly hilarious.  The birds and pigs are spot on in their performances, and anyone who has played Angry Birds will appreciate the attention paid to detail from the creators.  Check it out if you want a good chuckle!

[via Gizmodo]

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Makes Your Laptop Brand New

I came across this article a while back, and for anyone who owns a laptop, it is a godsend.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is mostly used to clean your home, but Gizmodo found a nifty use to it.  If you’ve had your laptop for over a year, you probably noticed that your spacebar, keys, and the trackpad are oily and greasy, thus making it less effective and responsive.  This super cheap trick will make your laptop look brand new.  I tried it on my Alienware MX11, which has black keys and trackpad, and it looks brand new once again.  Thanks Gizmodo!!

[via Gizmodo]