And the New iPhone 4S is Unveiled. Meh.

After months of speculating, rumours, and patience (and frustration!), the new iPhone has been unveiled. It’s called the iPhone 4S, and boy oh boy, is it ever underwhelming.

Think of when Apple announced the iPhone 3GS. It’s more of a refresh than a completely new phone. The specs have been improved greatly (dual core A5 processor, 8 megapixel camera, Siri voice recognition software, to name some), but not enough to fully justify selling your old iPhone 4 and getting the iPhone 4S. I mean, if you’ve waited this long for them to announce the iPhone 4S, chances are, you can wait another 6 months for them to announce the iPhone 5. I’m looking at you, iSheep.

Apple, thanks for another underwhelming announcement. And Tim Cook will never be like Steve Jobs. Never!!

P.S. I still think the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone released to date, so it comes natural for the iPhone 4S to overthrow its predecessor. I don’t hate the phone itself. I just think the hype wasn’t worth it. All you iSheep, you can go back to worshiping your new messiah, Tim Cook.


My HTC HD7 Review – Codenamed “Beast”

HTC is known for making a plethora of devices, which are spread among the Android platform, and most recently, with Windows Phone 7.

Having experienced the Windows Phone 7 operating system on the HTC Surround 7 (which, in my opinion, was a terrible piece of hardware), I decided to give the totally revamped OS another shot.  This time, however, was in the form of the ‘beast’ known as the HTC HD 7.  Let’s take a look at the massive specs before we get started, shall we?

– 1Ghz Snapdragon QSD8250 processor
– 576MB RAM, 512MB ROM
– 5MP Camera with dual LED flash (and dedicated camera button)
– 720p video capture
– 16GB internal storage
– 4.3” 480×800 pixel capacitive TFT LCD display
– WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
– 4.80” x 2.68” x 0.44” (122 x 68 x 11.2 mm)
– 5.71 oz (162 g)

Now you can see why I nicknamed this phone the ‘beast’.  Taking cues from its brother in the United States, the HTC EVO 4G, this is one massive slab of beautiful technology.  The asthetics are breathtaking, especially for a smartphone: the metal-like bezel, the speakers at both the top and bottom half of the phone, the matte finish on the back of the device.  Everything about this phone screams beauty.  Some might love it.  Some might hate it.  I personally fell in love with this device since the first time I laid eyes on it during the press release.

The Windows Phone 7 Operating System

When Windows updated their platform to Windows Mobile 6.5, it left an extremely bitter and foul-tasting mouths of users.  It was just not good enough at all, in comparison to its competitors offerings.  In fact, it was quite a disaster, and they were losing marketshare faster than you can say iPhone.

Let me tell you:  when Windows were in talks of building their new OS from scratch, they were dead serious.  And the final result, while still far from perfect, is pretty damn impressive.  I’ve used every single mobile operating system imaginable (minus the Nokia Symbian platform, which has been absorbed by noneother than Microsoft).  Blackberry, iOS, Android, and webOS.  Between all of those OS’s, I would have to say webOS and Windows Phone 7 are the clear winners, and are actually neck and neck when it comes to the most fluid, intuitive, and user-friendly graphical user interfaces.  And the fact that the Windows Phone 7 update in the near future is going to implement cut & paste, but the multitasking which is extremely similar to the ‘cards’ feature of webOS is a tech junkie’s dream!

The only gripe I have regarding the HTC HD 7 is the pitiful 1230mAh battery.  I’m a heavy user of Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, so if I can get through a full day of heavy usage on this underwhelming battery, I’ll consider myself lucky.  Don’t know why they skimped out on the battery, especially since it’s supporting a monster 4.3″ LCD screen, and the primary colours used in the OS are white.  Strange choice on HTC’s end.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy us Canadians are being exposed to the supersized phones of the US of A.  We finally get the EVO 4G’s equivalent in the form of the HD 7 and the Desire HD (its Android counterpart).  Let’s just see how long my battery lasts!

Apple is the Bane of All Evil

Ok, seriously Apple?  You’re really going ahead and doing this?

Apple is rumoured to announce the highly anticipated iPad 2 on February 9, 2011.  Does this date sound familiar?  Of course it does.  It’s the date HP/Palm is announcing their version of webOS products.  This all sounds eerily similar to when the Palm Pre was about to launch, a couple of days before, Apple announced the iPhone 3GS. 

Steve Jobs, you can go suck it.

[via BoyGeniusReport]

iPhone VS Android VS BlackBerry

Today, my Vegas buddy had to make the most important decision of her life: iPhone or BlackBerry.

Kind of a long post, so here goes, and some background info too (Celine’s Facebook status is the reason why I’m inclined to post this – too many noobish comments made me laugh out loud at work while reading them…over 50 comments on that status, which I have not seen on any of my Facebook friends’ posts).

For those who know me personally (or through countless Facebook status updates), I am obsessively obsessed with smartphones.  I’ve had about a good 10-12 smartphones in the past two years.  Hell, I even sleep with my cell phone (literally – it charges beside my pillow).  Name a phone that’s been released in the past two years, I’ve probably used it.  So by any means is this a fanboy, bashing any of the platforms or handhelds.  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully, this post should steer you in the right direction when deciding on which phone to choose.


Let’s get the easy target out of the way.  With the plethora of smartphones available now in the marketplace (including Windows Phone 7), I’m dumbfounded to see people still obsessively flock to BlackBerry.  I just can’t understand the appeal as to why anyone in their right, sane minds would choose whatever RIM’s latest offering is.  I know most of you are dying to say, “But Aret!  You just had the Torch a month ago!  What gives!?!?!!111!!!”.  Yes, it’s true.  I used the Torch for roughly a month.  And the only reason why I did so was because I am the type that has to try out the latest gadget for a week to see if I can use it efficiently on a daily basis.  The first day, I was actually impressed.  But that did not last very long.  After a couple of days, I realized that literally everything about the phone could be summed up by a couple of words: sluggish and outdated.

The only, and only (emphasis added) reasons why anyone should get this as an upgrade is BBM and BES.  BlackBerry Messenger has its moments, but realistically, it’s kind of pointless, considering every phone is capable of SMS.  “But Aret!  You knowz that youz can see if the other personz read your message????”.  Really?  The only use I can see coming out of this useless feature is stalker-like friends rabidly sending BBM’s to people, then salivating as they wait to see if the message was delivered, then read.  And if the other person fails to respond within one minute after reading it, they go all schitzo on you and start freaking out.  I have seen this way too many times, and it’s actually quite entertaining to hear stories about this.  Yeah, group chats are cool, as you can send pictures to each other and make comments on them, but it’s not worth the massive amount of battery that’s draining just to keep a couple of group chats open.

The BlackBerry Torch is RIM’s current flagship device, and it could have been successful.  Two years ago. When it was launched, it was $199 on a three year contract.  WTF?  The iPhone 4 is superior in every possible way and specification, and it was $159 on a same term commitment.  I swear to God, the only people who would buy the Torch are people who have never used any other operating system (phone wise) in their life, are too afraid to switch platforms (even though every single other platform is significantly easier to navigate and control), and are just too comfortable with BBM.  And the keyboard on the Torch is nothing special either, as the keys are extremely recessed and too tight.  There is one positive thing I like about BlackBerry though:  the 9780 has the best keyboard I’ve used on any phone in my entire life.

And for those who think I’m biased or whatever, here is a list of all the BlackBerry’s I’ve used until now:  BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9700, 8830 World Edition, 8730, Pearl Flip (worst phone I’ve used in my entire life), 8530 Curve, 8330 Curve.


The iPhone 4, apart from the god-awful Antennagate issue, is probably one of the best smartphones made up to date.  The only serious contender to it currently is the HTC Evo 4G, and of course, it’s not available in Canada.  Go figure.

The Retina Display – best display I’ve seen on a smartphone to date.  The A4 processor – makes everything seem blazingly fast.  The App Store – 300, 000 apps and still growing (compared to BlackBerry’s paltry 10,000 count).  Front and rear facing camera.  Video calls.  I can go on and on.  I don’t need to though.  Why?  Because it sells itself.  You don’t need to convince anyone to upgrade to the iPhone 4.  The iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units in three days.  The BlackBerry Torch?  150,000.  Yeah, the iPhone 4 had a global launch, while the Torch was limited to the States, but that actually does matter.  If you’re limiting yourself to one part of the world, then don’t bother making bold statements, let alone make a product to directly compete with the iPhone (BlackBerry Storm, cough, cough).  The iPhone is the Holy Grail of smartphones, Android is Moses’ Ten Commandments, and BlackBerry, while once dominating the smartphone market, is slowly losing its market share to iOS and Android.  Let’s hope that the PlayBook (worst name for a professional product ever) saves RIM from impending doom.

And yes, I’ve owned every version of the iPhone released, sans the 3GS, which I believe was the worst iPhone released to date.

As much as I would like to review Android, I’m surviving off three hours of sleep.  That will have to wait until later tonight.  Let the flame wars begin!