Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man (Jake Barker Cover)

Listen, I know we’ve heard this song a million times, and most of us are probably sick of it by now. But you gotta listen to this cover, done by the one and only Jake Barker. It’s safe to say this is his best cover yet.

Check it out below!


Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (Jake Barker Cover)

I’m obsessed with JT’s latest single, Mirrors. It’s actually my favourite song he’s ever done. The entire 20/20 Experience album is a pleasant surprise, and I’m liking each song more and more I listen to it.

I’ve been following Jake Barker for years, and this dude is definitely talented. And there is no denying the JT vibe you get when he sings. While he does a great job on this cover vocally, the video is beyond cheesy, especially the end. Still a huge fan, Mr. Barker!

Check it out below!

Jessie J – Mamma Knows Best

Jessie J is flawless. Looks. Voice. Personality. This girl has it all.

I took the time to listen to the entire album Who You Are, and it’s safe to say that Jessica Cornish (Jessie J is her stage name) is a multi-faceted artist.  Her team should definitely choose Mamma Knows Best as the next single.  Watch her perform the track below and you can see why I would choose this as her next smash hit.

Lisa Lavie – Price Tag (Jessie J Cover)

In what seemed like an eternity, Lisa Lavie has finally released another cover. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this version of Price Tag.  Everything seemed too rushed, the melody was changed (for the worst), and it didn’t have any passion behind it. The reason why I’m critical of this cover is because every single other cover that Lisa Lavie has done was flawless. I just didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would have.

Check out her cover below, as well as Jake Barker’s version too, and decide which one is better!

Adele – Someone Like You (Jake Barker)

It’s safe to say that Jake Barker’s cover of Adele’s Someone Like You is the best one out there on YouTube. Some are calling Jake the next Justin Timberlake, but he doesn’t need that comparison, simply because he is an amazing talent and star in his own right.

This song (and subsequent cover) has a very special meaning to me.  My sister is currently battling breast cancer, and it’s covers like these that get me through each and every day.

Arlen, I dedicate this awesome Jake Barker cover to you! ❤

Jake Barker – Voicemail Requests

The supremely talented Mr. Jake Barker has uploaded a video on YouTube recently containing songs which he’s covered, solely from voicemail requests.  On Facebook, Jake Barker posted his telephone number strictly for fans to call him and share which songs they would like for him to cover.  Honestly, this is a very refreshing experience, and Jake Barker knows exactly how to please his fans.  Check out the video of him covering many classics and contemporary hits, and be sure to keep your eyes peels for his amazing cover of Adele’s Someone Like You very soon!