J Marie Cooper – Mamma Knows Best (The Voice UK)


I absolutely love Jessie J, so when I heard the first couple of seconds of this blind audition, I was blown away. I was quite disappointed as to why she wouldn’t choose Jessie J (Cooper chose will.I.am), especially since she sang one of Jessie’s more obscure song.

Anyways, check out the spine-tingling audition below!


Jessie J – Who You Are (Lisa Lavie Cover)

Wow. Lisa Lavie is amazing.

Here she is covering Jessie J’s Who You Are. Unlike her previous cover of Price Tag, I’m actually really digging Lavie’s take on this song. She kinda even sounds like Jessie J at some parts!

Check it out below!

Jessie J – Mamma Knows Best

Jessie J is flawless. Looks. Voice. Personality. This girl has it all.

I took the time to listen to the entire album Who You Are, and it’s safe to say that Jessica Cornish (Jessie J is her stage name) is a multi-faceted artist.  Her team should definitely choose Mamma Knows Best as the next single.  Watch her perform the track below and you can see why I would choose this as her next smash hit.

Lisa Lavie – Price Tag (Jessie J Cover)

In what seemed like an eternity, Lisa Lavie has finally released another cover. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this version of Price Tag.  Everything seemed too rushed, the melody was changed (for the worst), and it didn’t have any passion behind it. The reason why I’m critical of this cover is because every single other cover that Lisa Lavie has done was flawless. I just didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would have.

Check out her cover below, as well as Jake Barker’s version too, and decide which one is better!

Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude (Official Music Video)

Along with all the other artists from the United Kingdom, Jessie J is a true talent.  Forget about all the Illuminati references and cameos, because it’s irrelevant in this case.

Jessie J shot into stardom with her smash hit Price Tag, which featured the uber talented B.o.B.  Up next on the pop airwaves is Do It Like A Dude, which is not recommended for the younger audience.  It’s a mature pop song, and is definitely one to watch out for during the summer season.  Check it out below!