Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (Official Music Video)

Kelly Clarkson doing karate = the best music video ever. That’s all.


Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (X-Factor USA)

What…a performance!

Finally, Kelly is moving away from performing Mr. Know It All, and is taking on (probably) her second single, Stronger, off her fifth studio album with the same name. Although they shortened the length of the track (due to timing constraints of the live results show), she still sounded and gave a flawless performance.

And I’m really digging the stage sets that they build for the performances on X-Factor. It’s definitely a performance you shouldn’t miss. Check it out below!

Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All

Kelly Clarkson, an international pop superstar (in case you hadn’t heard), is getting ready to release her fifth studio album, titled Stronger. It will be released on October 25, 2011 (three days after my birthday – what a treat!), and I’m super stoked to hear all the tracks.

The first single chosen is Mr. Know It All, which some might think is a strange choice, because it doesn’t have the same anthem-like qualities of Since U Been Gone or My Life Would Suck Without You. It doesn’t matter though. Anything Ms. Clarkson does is perfection. And October couldn’t come soon enough!

Check out her first single, Mr. Know It All, below!

Kelly Clarkson – A Night For Hope 2010

Here is Kelly Clarkson performing many songs for A Night For Hope 2010, Auction Banter.  Many of the songs include new ones which she just wrote, including You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like, When It Don’t Come Easy, and the holiday classic I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Clarkson will always be the best American Idol winner, and these performances just prove how much of a versatile vocalist she really is.  Enjoy below!