Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Official Music Video)

Here it is. The brand spanking new music video for Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. I’m really loving what Gaga did with this video. It’s very simple. No extravagant themes or dancing. Just herself, enjoying the music and passion. It reminds me of Karen O in the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Zero music video. Which is always a fantastic thing! Stay tuned for a full review of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album very soon.

And the saxophone riff is heavenly. Her album is full of it, and I’m digging what Katy Perry did with the saxophone in Last Friday Night. Uber cool.

Check out the video below!


Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory

I never thought I would say this in a million years. I’m actually digging Lady Gaga’s tracks off her new album, Born This Way, which has a worldwide release of May 23, 2011.

Her latest track to be released for her little ‘monsters’ to devour is titled The Edge of Glory.  It has an upbeat tempo and is very reminiscent of the disco era. This song is less serious than Born This Way and especially Judas. There are no Illuminati references to be found in this latest release, so that’s some good news!

Take a listen to The Edge of Glory below!

Rihanna – Man Down

This should definitely be the next single from Rihanna’s Loud album, especially after the shitty-ass music video for S & M.  It has a very distinct, reggae beat to it, and will definitely be a huge hit if she decides to release it.

Check it out below!

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Yes, I know this song is (relatively) old.  But the main reason for this post is to apologize to David Yenovkian for bashing Lady Gaga.  I realized I was acting out of stupidity and was being immature for hating on Lady Gaga. 

I have grown to actually like this song, in addition to only one other Lady Gaga song (that being Speechless).  My only gripe with Born This Way is that it not only sounds similar to Express Yourself by Madonna, but it eerily resembles TLC’s Waterfalls.  It’s actually quite scary at how similar they both sound.  So David, enjoy your victory while it lasts, and yes, I will still hate on Apple and their fanboys for as long as they live.

( reveals that Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati – sorry, had to get a cheap shot in somewhere :P)

Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (Official Music Video)

Holy moly.  The new music video for Britney’s latest single Hold It Against Me has been released, and it is smoking hot!  This is a throwback to all her previous work, as during the video there are shots of her earlier music videos playing.  The choreography.  The dancing.   The visuals.  The fight scene near the end.  Everything is perfect about this video and the song is actually pretty good.  And it’s normal, unlike a certain pop star wannabe.  *cough* Lady Gaga *cough*.

Enjoy the awesome music video by clicking on the Vevo link down below!