Rihanna – Man Down (Official Music Video)

And here we have the sexiest music video ever made. Rihanna’s Loud has been extremely successful, and the fifth single, Man Down, is definitely one of the better tracks off her latest album. It’s gritty. It’s sexy. It’s grimy. It’s everything Rihanna is about. Now check out the video below! (Oh, and this entire post was written on my Motorola Atrix with the laptop dock. Uber cool, eh?)


Rihanna – Man Down

This should definitely be the next single from Rihanna’s Loud album, especially after the shitty-ass music video for S & M.  It has a very distinct, reggae beat to it, and will definitely be a huge hit if she decides to release it.

Check it out below!

Rihanna – S & M (Official Music Video)

Sigh.  What could have been an epic, sexy, smoldering video has been shot to shit.

Rihanna’s S & M is a great, upbeat track that is actually infectous.  The video, however, is not of quality.  Don’t get me wrong – Rihanna is still hot as hell.  The video reeks of bad production value though.  I mean, if you have epilepsy, do NOT watch this video, as you will probably have a seizure.  And I think Rihanna’s team needs to look up the definition of S & M, because they are clearly misinformed.  And to top it off, Perez Hilton makes a god awful cameo that makes me want to vomit.

Let’s hope they get it right with Cheers, Drink to That.

UPDATE: To view the video below, you must click the video, which redirects you to the YouTube page.  Then you must sign in to view the video, because YouTube flagged it as Mature.  Go figure.

Rihanna – What’s My Name (Conor Maynard, Beckie Eaves, Jake Barker)

Forget Boyce Avenue.  Forget Tyler Ward.  Forget all the other YouTube bands out there.  This cover blows all the others out of the water.

Conor Maynard, Beckie Eaves, and Jake Barker all collaborated to cover the super popular (and surprisingly, good) What’s My Name. Conor and Jake have really unique voices that definitely have to be heard.  Why they haven’t been discovered yet completely boggles my mind.

Check it out below!