LUSH 2013 Valentine’s Day Collection

Everytime LUSH releases a new collection, be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and especially Christmas, this is my reaction.

Once I get the initial hyperventilation out of my system, I tend to actually look over the items and see what is being released. For 2013, LUSH has really hit the mark with their Valentine’s Day collection, especially the massage bars. I mean, it is Valentine’s Day after all, so you better be touching and massaging your significant other all over.

Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night is the world’s first soft-centered massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal the almond oil, glycerine, cupuaçu and agave syrup core. This soft centre makes your massage an unforgettable, slippery, sensual experience – letting hands slide tenderly over the skin while spreading an intoxicating jasmine, ylang and vanilla perfume all over.

From Dusk Till Dawn


There are times, like Valentine’s Day, when you want to make sure your partner is wide awake after a romantic massage. A good rub down with this stimulating bar will ensure your grateful partner has plenty of vim and vigor for other…activities! This gold-capped cone has an uplifting and invigorating perfume of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oil to keep you going all night long, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn!

Willow Pattern


This creamy rose, Sicilian lemon and rosewood soap is sure to set hearts a-flutter this Valentine’s Day. Inspired by a tragic love story of star-crossed lovers, and with a luxurious perfume called ‘A Thousand Rose Petals’, this romantic, limited edition soap certainly suits the season of love. With skin softening and soothing ingredients, a lather with Willow Pattern soap is just about the most sensual way to wash this February!

The Kiss

The Kiss is another first from the LUSH labs; a delicious vegan lip gloss that’s absolutely free from preservatives! With luxurious shea and cupuaçu butters, we’ve created a light balm to moisturize and protect the lips, while giving them a subtle pink glossy sheen – and a delicious almond and mandarin flavor to boot. Re-apply frequently to keep your lips plump and soft after all that kissing!

Magic Mushroom


Everyone’s favorite toadstool has returned! Our enormously popular Magic Mushroom bubble bar is back again this Valentine’s Day, spreading his bubbles and soft, fruity scents everywhere he goes! His red cap contains the creamy Vanillary perfume, and is topped off with a perfectly white stem of fresh strawberries. Lay back in his enchanting waters and allow a spell of relaxation to wash over you. Although sharing a Valentine’s bath can be very enjoyable, you may not have mush-room for anyone else with this fungi!

The Ex-Factor


When love isn’t a factor in your Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to indulge your wicked streak and celebrate the cynical! With the same vanilla-musk scent as our Butterball Bath Bomb, The Ex-Factor is especially fun for those of you who have a thirst for revenge. Pay no mind to the endless stream of cards, candy hearts and pink balloons around you, and drop our little blue man of bath time voodoo in your tub instead. Delight in watching his limbs dissolve one by one, into the calming, deep blue water until finally (finally!) his little heart explodes into a thousand tiny pieces, only to be washed down the drain into nothingness.  Revenge satisfied.


LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: ‘Favourites’ Edition!!

I’ve been employed at LUSH for just under a year now (..I’m loving every single minute of it!!), and while I’ve tried almost every single product out there, there are quite a few that stood out to me. Without any further delay, here are my “desert island” LUSH products!



(According to the LUSH website)

Almond Oil

Almond oil is unscented and excellent for the skin. It is emollient, demulcent and nutritious with a high vitamin E content. It is smooth to apply and leaves a silky feel to the skin.

Bland and non-irritating.

Ultrabland is a huge cult product. With a new almond oil base, this cream cleanser takes off make-up and cares for your face. It’s gentle, but the deeply-cleansing oils reach down and remove stubborn dirt and makeup. Helen has used it every day for 13 years and has never looked back.

20% rose water

Rose water, beeswax and honey are calming and softening. Cleanse each night, then remove with a warm cloth and your skin will feel soft and smooth without any scrubbing at all. It’s Ultrabland and ultra effective.


Beeswax gives a rich emollient quality to creams, which is very useful for dry skin. Deeply moisturizing, it also creates a waterproof barrier and lifts dirt.

There is a reason why Ultrabland is a cult favourite, according to the in-store placard. I had the honour to attend the Skincare training a couple of months ago (our trainer was the one and only, Meghan Campbell!), and I learned a lot. One product that we got to use at the training session was Ultrabland, and it was a first for me. It doubles up as not only a facial cleanser, but a make-up remover as well (not applicable to myself!).

The name itself speaks volumes – Ultrabland. It’s just that. Very few ingredients. But those ingredients are powerhouses. Honey, sweet almond oil, and beeswax just to name a few. After using Ultrabland for about a week, washing my face with it every single night, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. It is extremely smooth and soft, and leaves behind a very refreshing and gentle scent. I use it every evening, and sometimes just splash my face with water (rather than rinsing it off completely), so the essential oils soak into my skin overnight. A must have.

$29.95 for 100g, $15.95 for 45g



Bentonite gel

When applied, bentonite cleans the pores deeply and tightens at the same time.

Seriously minty body mask.

Mask of Magnaminty was worked on for years before it was settled on. Our inventors have been almost obsessive in their quest to invent the ultimate face mask. The formulation had to be just right in MoM to ensure that it was intense, but not harsh.

Makes dirt a distant memory.

China clay and bentonite gel will pull the dirt from your pores, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate surface skin cells, and peppermint oil will make you feel so fresh and minty that you’ll forget you were ever grubby.

Ground aduki beans and mint

Ground aduki beans remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed.

If I had to choose just one face mask from LUSH, this would be the one. If you ever open up a jar of Mask of Magnaminty, you get blasted with loads of peppermint, aduki beans and honey! LUSH uses honey in a lot of their products, simply because it is a natural preservative, and not only smells fantastic, but the effects on your skin are remarkable.

This mask can be used not only on your face, but on your body as well, in case you are unfortunate enough to have ‘back-ney’. And don’t let the scent deceive you. While it smells intense and powerful, it is gentle enough to use on all skin types. The ground-up aduki beans help to gently exfoliate to remove excess debris and grime, while the bentonite gel sucks up all the gunk from your pores. One of my favourite things about the Mask of Magnaminty is the feeling you get after you leave it on for about 10 minutes. You start to feel your face tingle and it gets cool – one sign that it is definitely working! After rinsing the mask off, you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world! Another desert island must have.

$22.95 for 315g, $11.95 for 125g.



Tooth Wracked Seaweed

Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Tooth Wracked Seaweed infusion strengthens the hair from root to tip.

For mermaid-inspired locks.

Salt is full of minerals which maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Fresh lime Juice

The fresh lime juice in our BIG delivers instant shine and leaves your hair feeling extra clean.

One of the first things you notice when you open up a pot of Big is the scent – coconut, lime juice, and sea salt. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Big has one of my favourite scents that LUSH has ever come up with. But enough with the smell.

When you first touch big, you automatically think, “This is shampoo?!”. Yes, it is! If you have dull, limp, life-less hair, or hair that is falling out (me!), this is the definitive shampoo for you. The huge chunks of sea salt help to remove dead skin from your scalp, promoting hair regrowth and stimulating your scalp at the same time. The seaweed, lime juice, and coconut combined ensure each strand is pumped up with vitamins and minerals, leaving your hair volumous, shiny, and BIG!

“Buy this shampoo – change your life!” – on the Big placard in-store. It definitely helped to change mine!

$24.95 for 330mL

LUSH Retro Haul Contest!!

Let’s get this out of the way. Casey Anthony was found not guilty. I’ve been terribly depressed and disappointed that she got away with murder.

So what better way to lift my spirits by giving away free stuff!! Our whole team at LUSH Markville had made a Retro order, and instead of me enjoying all the bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, and shampoos, I want you to have a chance to win them all for free!

The rules are dead simple. All you have to do is ‘Like’ the LUSH Markville Facebook page. Once it reaches 400 ‘Likes’, I’ll randomly pick a winner! It’s that simple!

I’ll make another post to let y’all know when we have reached the required number of ‘Likes’. And check out the video of me showing you exactly what you can win. It’s literally over $140 worth of LUSH Retro products. For free. Yes, I’m crazy. I don’t care. Good luck everyone!

(For a full list of what you will win, check out the tags in this post, sans the Sonic Death Monkey, because that has been used already!)

LUSH’s Freedom To Marry Campaign

Here at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, we have a certain philosophy when it comes to not only working here, but for our customers as well. We want our customers to feel like a part of our family, and to feel at home when they visit our stores.

Once in a while, LUSH holds campaigns to raise awareness for important issues around the world. Last year, LUSH was a firm advocate for stopping the tar sands in Canada.  The end result was extremely successful: there were world changes made. Whether it was policies being changed, or simply raising awareness to those that weren’t informed, LUSH did its part to protect the environment.

Starting today, LUSH is protecting the human rights of same sex couples.  In its Freedom To Marry campaign, LUSH is hoping to raise enough awareness to stop D.O.M.A. (the Defense of Marriage Act) from denying same sex couples the rights that heterosexual couples enjoy.  The Respect for Marriage Act is a proposed bill that would effectively repeal D.O.M.A. and provide all the rights and benefits of marriage to legally married same sex couples.  This act would also allow for the federal recognition of the marriages of same sex couples.

I think it is fantastic that LUSH is taking this approach to human rights. At the end of the day, we are all human beings, and deserve to be treated as equals, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Please come and visit LUSH at Markville Mall, and sign a postcard to send to D.O.M.A., so we can end inequality once and for all. You can also purchase a limited edition Freedom Foamer Bubble Bar, which smells like lemons, grapefruits and limes.

In support of the Freedom To Marry campaign, all participating LUSH stores will be holding a Kiss and Tell event on June 18th.  At exactly 11:38 a.m., anyone who is in a LUSH store will kiss their partner, spouse, husband, or wife.  We want to bring as many people into our stores to show that human rights is an extremely important topic that can’t just be ignored. It has to be addressed. And hopefully, LUSH can make a significant change in same sex couples in North America, and eventually, around the world.

‘The Dirty Line’ Review – LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I’ve been working for LUSH for over a month now, and I can genuinely say that this has been the best company I’ve ever worked for in my entire life. My manager, Catherine, has created and fostered a team that I can safely call my second family. Everyone gets along, we all laugh and smile while we’re at work, and without LUSH in my life, I would have never met these amazing people!

So it was only natural when Catherine told me about the Dirty line and its future release that I was blown away. “Toothy Tabs?? You’re telling me I get to brush my teeth with LUSH products!?!” was my first reaction when she told me what they were. Enough chit chat. Here is a full blown review of the Dirty line, only at!


After a dirty night on the tiles, jolt yourself back to reality with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Springwash is like a dip in a mountain spring, just in time for the weather getting warmer; spearmint and menthol crystals will make your skin feel cool in a hot shower and give it a sweeter scent than peppermint. If you’re living in a hard water area, the sodium bicarbonate helps to soften it and give a frothy lather. Your bits will feel fresher in no time.

The Dirty Springwash Shower Gel was the first products I tried from the Dirty line. Let’s just say I’m going to replace all of my shower gels with this one. And I know I sound like a broken record in my LUSH reviews, but this is the best shower gel I’ve ever used! If you love Mask of Magnaminty, you will fall in love with Springwash. They both share many of the same properties and fantastic effects. For example, when you leave Mask of Magnaminty on for around 15 minutes, you immediately start to feel your face to tingle, mainly due to the mint in the product. The Springwash shower gel has the same effect (but not as intense). Highly recommended for not only men, but women as well! $26.95 for 500mL


Groundbreaking solid toothpaste from LUSH

Give your mouth a blast of freshness before a night (or day) of Dirty fun. These innovative solid toothpaste tabs will clean your teeth and leave your mouth minty fresh. Dirty is made with spearmint to freshen your breath and foaming agents to scrub your pearly whites clean in the morning. 40 Toothy tabs per box.

How to use them!

Innovative and delightfully refreshing, toothy tabs foam up just like “regular” toothpaste to clean your teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh. Just crunch one up, grab your wet toothbrush and start brushing for a good three minutes. Rinse out and show off your sparklers to everyone. Guaranteed oral pleasure.

When I first heard about the Toothy Tabs several months ago, I was slightly confused and overwhelmed at the same time. “LUSH making toothpaste? Interesting.” were some of my first thoughts. I finally got a chance to try the Toothy Tabs this week, and let me tell you, they are fantastic. You grab a small Toothy Tab (trust me, they’re really tiny!) and put it in your mouth. All you gotta do is start chewing and brushing your teeth, and the tiny Toothy Tab does the rest of the work for you. Literally, your mouth starts foaming up in ways you would never imagine. I don’t even remember toothpaste foaming up this much! I’m all about oral hygiene, and after using a Toothy Tab, you don’t feel any of the ‘grittiness’ that regular toothpaste leaves behind. My two close friends, Arlene and Bronson, tried the Toothy Tabs, and they fell in love, not only with the texture, but with the squeaky clean feeling it leaves behind. Highly recommended. $3.95 for 40 tabs.


Chin up!

Slather, shave and soothe your face with a generous helping of Dirty shaving cream. Calming oat milk, shea butter and honey are great for calming irritations and red marks on sensitive chins. No one enjoys smooching when there’s a hairy, scratchy beard face to contend with! Dirty boys should use this softening shaving cream to help the razor glide over the skin and leave their chins looking sharp.

Not just for the boys

Scented with lavender and sandalwood, it’s another layer to the Dirty fragrance blend. Not only should the men in your life being using Dirty shaving cream for a slick, fresh face, ladies can also enjoy the feeling of silky smooth, hair free skin on their legs and under their arms with a good dollop of this softening cream.

I’ve now used Prince and Ambrosia for quite some time now, and they are my two favourite products in the entire store (check out my review of Prince here). The Dirty Shaving Cream is more or less similar to the previous shaving creams found in LUSH, with the exception of the fragrance. It’s amazing. If you thought Prince smelled great, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. The combination of oats, lavender and sandalwood (think Aromarant!) makes me not want to actually use the shaving cream because it smells so good! I’m curious to see if any LUSHies out there can think of any other uses for the Dirty Shaving Cream…$12.95 per 100 grams.


Spray yourself fresh

Squirt our Dirty spray over your body, day or night, for portable deodorizing when you’re on the move. Dirty spray is a deep and powerful freshener any time that you feel rushed off your feet; sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odours and that famous Dirty scent of tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint will fool even the bloodhounds. Complete your layers with the deeper levels of Dirty.

Those of you who remember B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful will probably remember we had a range of men’s products called Dirty. One of these fabulous products was Dirty Body Spray. Get guys to ‘can’ their aerosol body sprays and start using this freshly fragranced one instead. Plus it’s made with real fragrance that will last a lot longer.

Grab every single Axe product you own. You know who you are. Now throw them out and never look back.

At first, I thought the Dirty Body Spray was just another Axe knock-off.  Except it comes in a wicked cool bottle. After using the Dirty Body Spray, I take all pre-conceived notions back. This product is going to be incredibly difficult to keep on the shelves. The oh-so-subtle hint of spearmint is what makes this fragrance. I literally was blown away by how light, yet effective, the scent was on my body. For anyone who’s tried Dolce & Gabanna or Jean Paul Gaultier (men’s fragrances), those will linger on your body for days (and not in a good way!). Those fragrances are just too strong and overwhelming, even if you put on a small dab on both wrists and neck. That’s the beauty of Dirty Body Spray – a couple of sprays will last you the entire day, yet it doesn’t make you gag when you walk past someone who’s wearing it. $19.95 per 170 gram bottle.

The Winner of “My Fair Lady” Contest Announced!

After a grueling month of reading comments for my latest contest, we have finally narrowed down the winner. Catherine and the entire team at LUSH Markville Mall had carefully read each and every comment, and we made the final decision as to who truly is “My Fair Lady”!

Without further ado, the winner of the fantastic LUSH gift basket and perfume set is Trudy!!  Here is the comment which left the entire LUSH team (including me!) in tears.

My post isn’t “creative”… because I haven’t got a creative bone in my body (thanks to two left-brained parents!). However, my post comes from compassion and love.. I would so love to gift this basket to a beautiful friend of mine who was diagnosed with MS this month… ironically during MS Week. She’s such a kind, lovely friend and the most amazing mother to 4 beautiful children.

In all of this craziness in her life, tests, new meds (every other day injections) and just finding her strength to cope and deal, I would love to be able to give her this basket so she can treat herself to some pamepering at such a challenging time.
:o ).

But not everyone leaves empty handed!  There were two other comments which made us create an Honourable Mentions section of the contest.  Both ginette4 and Julia L. have each won a Buttercup gift for having the courage to share their stories with us! Read both comments below, and thanks to everyone who entered! 😀

It has been one crazy year! I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, I moved, I started a relationship, and I conquered an eating disorder! Last night, I realized that I need to find ways to take care of myself, to relax, to pamper myself. So I made a list of a few great things I can do to relax, such as have a bubble bath, or go for a walk by the river. Then, tonight, I stumbled upon this contest, and I thought, WOW, would this stuff ever be an amazing way to pamper myself! That’s why I’d be thrilled to win this amazing gift!

This is what I’ve learned from my crazy year: I can’t always control what happens to me, but I can control how I react to it. For example, I can’t control that I have a tumor, but I can control how I react to that tumor – and I’ve chosen to fight, be strong, and not back down.

I would love to win this so I can surprise my Mother with it, she has been my angel in my time of need. I have been ill (had to stop working)and haven`t been able to do things for myself or my family. She has been here helping out with the housework, cooking our meals and even doing my families laundry. I don`t know what I would do without her help. She never wants anything from us. She never buys the little stuff for herself, she always goes without because she knows that her money helps her family. Would love to give this to her.