Another Scream 4 Poster!!

Jeez.  April is only two months away, but after seeing this poster, I want to see Scream 4 right now!!  Life’s not fair!

Check out the link here to see the hi-res version of the Halloween-esque poster!


If This is the Mask They’re Using in Scream 4, Bring It On!!

Apparently there have been talks of using masks other than the generic Ghostface mask in Scream 4.  This is one of them!!  Wes Craven tweeted a picture of his cat, alongside two new masks, which included the one pictured above!  There is also talks of a zombified version of Ghostface as well.  April 15 can’t come soon enough!!  Eeeekkkkks!!

New Scream 4 Trailer!!!

OMG.  I’m literally hyperventilating.  I can’t breathe.  Here is 2 minutes and 31 seconds of Scream 4 deliciousness.  I don’t care who doesn’t like the Scream franchise (*cough* Alex *cough*), but check it out below!!  April couldn’t come fast enough!!!