Britney Spears – I Wanna Go (Official Music Video)

Oh boy.

Here is the music video for Britney Spears’ latest single, I Wanna Go. It’s a hot mess. The best way to describe experiencing this music video is by enjoying a Big Mac sandwich. You have the beginning, which is amazing. The first bite is scrumptious, tasting all the Mac Sauce and the meat. But then we get to the middle, and everything starts falling apart and getting messy. Mac Sauce is all over your car seat, the sandwich starts looking dismembered, and you start to feel unsurprisingly sick. Then by the time you’re done finishing it, you feel like throwing up.

That’s exactly what this music video reminds me of.

The beginning is flawless. Britney is addressing the paparazzi in a press conference, and the questions are hilarious. She finally gets sick and tired of all the ridiculous questions and takes a note from Cee Lo Green, shouting “Fuck you” to all of them. Perfection.

Then everything gets annoying really fast. And lazy. There’s nothing else except for the usual “luring the cop by flashing him, getting dirty with him, and dancing on top of cars”. Yawn. I liked the Illuminati reference by wearing the Mickey Mouse shirt. That was nice.

To top things off, she starts whipping her mic around, using it as a weapon against the ‘terminator’ paparazzi. It looks like a Verizon Droid commercial. Ick.

And WTF was with the dude who poured milk all over himself in the car?!? That was extremely random and fucked up. Someone please clue me in on what that was all about. Sigh. At least the Michael Jackson ode to Thriller at the end was worth it.


The Battle of the Queen Rappers: Lil’ Kim vs Nicki Minaj

Uh oh.  Things are looking to get pretty heated up in the female rap world.  Nicki Minaj has openly started a bitter feud between fellow rapper Lil’ Kim.  This is going to blow up in a way no one has ever anticipated.  Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday mixtape cover shows her decapitating Nicki.  Eeks.

Minaj might be the newcomer to the arena, but Lil’ Kim is a heavyweight.  And they don’t call her Queen Bee for nothing!  Check out Nicki Minaj’s album cover below to see how Lil’ Kim is taking a not-so-discrete jab at her.

Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj Perform Duet on VH1 Divas

OH.  EM.  GEE.

My future wives performed Cyndi Lauper’s classic hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on VH1’s Divas show.  They sang it to the troops, which I’m pretty sure got them quite excited.  I’m a huge fan of Minaj, but her hair looks a little too much like Krusty the Clown here.  She’s still hot, so I forgive her.  Check out the video below before YouTube inevitably takes it down!

Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack (feat. Sean Garrett)

Here is the video for Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack”, which features Sean Garrett.  I believe this was her first ‘buzz’ single released to promote her debut album Pink Friday.  This is probably my favourite Minaj song, and it features a hot cameo by the hot Amber Rose (Gay Fish’s girlfriend).  Check it out below, and make sure to (legally) buy your copy of Pink Friday, which is currently out in stores!!