Twitter for BlackBerry Updated – BlackBerry Beta Zone

It seems as if Research In Motion is really pumping out these updates frequently.  Today, R.I.M. updated Twitter to version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, which has the following updates:

Redesigned Nav Bar

The Nav Bar has a whole new look with simplified icons that provide a cleaner layout and a more familiar Twitter experience. With a single click, you can quickly access your Home Timeline, @Mentions, Messages, Lists, perform a search from the new Single Search Screen, or submit a tweet with the new “Compose Tweet” button accessible from anywhere in the app.

New Compose Tweet Button

The new “Compose Tweet” button in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0 is a single touch-point for creating new tweets from anywhere in the app, making it easier than ever to share your location (if setting is enabled) and photos with your followers.

Single Search Screen

With the new Single Search Screen in Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0, you can search for tweets, tweets nearby, people, as well as go-to @users all from a single location. From the new Single Search Screen, you can also view Trending Topics and Saved Searches – unifying the entire Twitter Search experience.

Another great feature for BlackBerry 6 users: Twitter Search works with Universal Search on your BlackBerry smartphone. Search for anything, and Universal Search will pull in relevant results from your entire BlackBerry smartphone, including all Search categories within Twitter.

External Notifications

A new application header notifies you when you receive other types of messages, like BBM messages or email, as well as displaying your network connectivity while in the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app – meaning you no longer need to leave the application in order to discover the types of new external notifications you have.

New Black/Chrome Color Scheme

The color scheme throughout the app has been updated to be consistent with the look of the Twitter brand.

The one thing I noticed about this update is that instead of having to copy and paste the keycode (not just anyone can download these beta updates) into the application, it is automatically generated! That’s one of the key features that is truly impressive, asides from of course the updated Twitter app. Go check it out if you are a BlackBerry Beta Zone member!


Rogers Xperia Play & Arc Launch Party Tomorrow!

They say good things come in three’s.  Well, in this case, consider it Rogers Wireless, Sony, and a launch party!

Tomorrow, I will be attending the Rogers Wireless exclusive, invite-only party to celebrate the launch of the latest Android-powered smartphones, the Xperia Play and Arc.  Each device serves its own purpose: the Play is for gaming, while the Arc is a pure multimedia monster.

Keep an eye out on tomorrow evening, where I will be blogging live from the event!  Thanks @RogersBuzz!

And the Winner of My Third Contest Is…..

After a grueling wait of three weeks, I have finally reached 150 subscribers to my blog.  And the winner of my third contest, who is going to receive a BlackBerry Curve, is…….

***********drumroll please *************

Melissa Rideough!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Melissa!  Please email me at so I can gather your details!  Thanks to everyone who entered. 

And don’t worry for those of you who haven’t won.  There is another contest coming up this Saturday, and it is very exciting and amazing.  Let’s just say, the winner will be taking a lot more baths and showers. 😀

My Third Contest! Win a BlackBerry Curve 8330!!

Is everyone ready for my third contest?  I don’t know why, but I get very excited to give away free stuff!!

This time, I am upping the ante.  I will be giving a free Telus BlackBerry Curve 8330 to the winner of this contest!

The rules are simple.  Once I hit 150 subscribers on this blog, or 350 Twitter followers, I will randomly draw one winner.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!

Facebook Messages Update Is Rolling Out!

Social networking addicts, rejoice!  The new and highly anticipated Facebook Messages update is now available.  You have the option to choose to upgrade, or keep the way it is, although, personally, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to update.  The upgrade features significant changes and noticeable improvements.  Here is what I’ve noticed so far:

  • You get a personalized Facebook email address.  Awesome.  Mine is now, for those who are interested.
  • All your messages are connected.  Simply put, if you receive a text, email (to your Facebook address), or a simple message from one person, they are all merged into one, easy to read, threaded message.  Think of it as a major plus; you don’t have to sift through several messages just to find something one person sent you a year ago.
  • “Download Your Information”.  Bloody fantastic.  Click this button, and you have all your pictures, account information, posts, etc. all saved to one zip file on your computer. Mark Zuckerberg, kudos to you and your team for unveiling this extremely useful feature.

These are the major changes I’ve found so far.  Another thing to note: this update was already rolled out to the United States, but I live in Canada, so this is major (exciting) new for me!!

P.S. If Shawnt ends up reading this, yes, I’m well aware of our verbal contract. I will update my blog with the post (hopefully) tonight.  Please don’t kill me.

The Winner of My Second Contest Is…

Well, that was extremely fast!

This morning I checked my Twitter and am currently at 110 followers!!

So, the winner, chosen completely at random is…

Jackie Sampson (a.k.a. @carsmummy on Twitter)!!  Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your smartphone!!

Aside from that, do you guys have any suggestions on my blog on how to improve it?  Much appreciated!