The Great Gatsby – Official Trailer #2

So I’m super psyched about seeing one of my all-time favourite books, The Great Gatsby (Fahrenheit 451 being my other), being turned in a big budget movie (unlike the Mia Farrow version). You know what would be totally amazing? If they chose Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem to be a part – any part – of the film. Everything about it oozes The Great Gatsby, especially the theme of Old Money and New Money.

If you haven’t seen the second trailer (or Del Rey’s song), check both of them out below!


Iron Man 3 Extended Super Bowl Spot

May 3rd couldn’t come soon enough. We’re constantly being titillated with Iron Man 3 teasers and T.V. spots, but this one takes the cake. My favourite part of the extended Super Bowl spot? The first thirty seconds. I’ll just let you watch and find out why.

Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Since my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed is bombarded with all things Super Bowl related, I thought it would be fitting to post something as well. Here is a mashup of artists singing the Star Spangled Banner at various Super Bowls. Enjoy.